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Justice for Rashad Jamal: End Unjust Imprisonment

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🧿 This is A New Petition for @iam_rashadjamal , The previous Petition was removed by #Change after receiving thousands of signatures but we will not give up hope. Please Sign & Share.

✊🏾We unite to demand justice for @iam_rashadjamal , a Black #Activist wrongfully convicted without any physical evidence. Rashad’s case highlights the flaws in our justice system that disproportionately affect marginalized communities.

💚Why Sign?

Rashad Jamal, a devoted father and husband, has tirelessly advocated for peace, divine love, and social justice. His wrongful imprisonment is an egregious injustice that demands our attention. The lack of evidence and delayed jury deliberation raise serious questions about the fairness of his trial.

💙 A Trial Shifted Towards Activism: