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Return and Refund Policy

Crystal Policy


Attention : All sales are final. Allow 3 to 9 weeks for your order to arrive. Due to high demand product can take between 3 to 9 weeks to arrive. When it comes to crystal order if products arrives broke or defunct it is not our fault crystals are very fragile and this is the risk you take when ordering it. 



Subscription Policy


Attention: All sales are final once you order a Lecture Package. This means whether you order a Gold, Blue or Violet Package you cannot cancel your subscription in the middle of the package. You must allow the subscription to fully finish. If you cannot afforded the package do not order it. All customers who make false chargeback claims will be punished and made too pay their subscription commitment. Violators will be prosecuted in the court of law. 


Merchandise Policy


Attention: All sales are final and no refund will be issued. Due to high demand allow 3 to 9 weeks for your order to arrive. 


Music Policy


Attention: All sales are final. Due to high demand when it comes to poster, hardcopies album, or vinyl allow 3 to 9 weeks. Vinyl takes longer and may not arrive up to 6 months. If you do not wish to wait this long do not order because no refunds will be issued. 

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