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Updated: Feb 5

No communication from Rashad in 10 days post-transfer, unusual for him. He typically contacts his wife daily. We have Concerns for his well-being; Please Help ! Urgently request a wellness check and proof of life from the jail !


Hays State Prison GDOC

P.O. Box 668

Trion, GA 30753

Phone: 706-857-0400

Complaints : 478-992-5358

Rashad Jamal White

GDC ID #: 1002357101

It is Extremely Unusual any inmate not to have phone access for 10 days; if available, Rashad would call.

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Peace & Love to everything & everyone. For we are One. We should do another mass meditation to Divine Source & our Ancestors to look out for Divine Insight. This is a way we can give Rashad the energy he needs to stay strong in these conditions he's in. I'm going to meditate at 6pm LA time. Remember we manifest our own reality cosmic family. He helped all of us. So let's do something for him together. Feel Mee. Peace & Love to all of my God's & Goddesses of Planet Ki, the Astrals & Sirius X. I leave as I come.

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That’s 9pm ET for everyone on the other end like I Let’s tapp In‼️


I wanna go to war with them y’all bs we can’t died anyway 🤦🏾‍♂️

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Very soon! It will be our only choice Asè


Sooo are we all having the same problem when we call and no one actually picks up?


Peace cosmic family sending positive energy to all ,also to supereme grandmaster teacher of the 8th universe truly miss the god 4real but we still rising.

I also called as well but we all know how their judicial system work.

Truly one of kind ,The God is really changing the world/planet Ki/Atlantis

waking up the masses


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